Hearing Specialist with over 15 Years of Clinical Experience.

At family hearing we assess hearing abilities. We are an independent Audiology clinic that provides assessment and treatment. We provide wax removal, hearing assessments, hearing aids, hearing management and ear moulds in the North East. Please contact for other hearing related services. Sian is a clinical audiologist with an NHS background with specialism in adult hearing assessment. Extensive experience treating adults, undertaking repair and hearing aid fitting services.

We aim to provide the highest level of care with your hearing concerns.

Appointment Enquiries

Text/Phone/WhatsApp: 07841625463

What We Offer

Children’s Hearing

Glue Ear Assessment, Advice and Management

School Screening

Pre and Post Grommet Hearing Assessment

Adult Hearing

Hearing Assessments

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Advice, Service and Repair

Diagnostic Hearing Assessments

Further diagnostic assessments available. Please contact for suitability.

Swim Plugs and Earmoulds

Please enquire for further information.

Wax Removal and Ear Examinations

Free Ear Wax check

Wax Removal by Microsuction

Newcastle Upon Tyne and the North East

We aim to provide a high quality of care and aim to serve patients in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East – if you have any queries please do contact and we will look to help you wherever possible.

What People Are Saying


Waited a year for hospital appointment so decided to go private. Called Family hearing and got in within a week. Sian was lovely explained everything clearly to me and made me feel very comfortable. Within a week I had my assessment and doctor had received a copy. Thank you so much would definitely recommend

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Lynn Bryden

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